Into the Cesspool - Volume 1 (RoboSean)

Into the Cesspool Volume 1 (RoboSean)


Ever wonder what the members of the Cesspool Podcast would be like in a fictional comic book-esque world? This is the audio story of just that. Into the Cesspool is an over the top story featuring the characterization of anyone that has been on the Cesspool Podcast or donated to us. HOPE you enjoy!



A group of men kidnap Sean and take him back to their headquarters. They turn him into a half robot in hopes of him doing their evil bidding. The shoddy construction mixed with a poor test subject causes none of the plans to go off as hoped for. After getting Sean out of jail the men go to Mexico to try and score big cash. The plan goes awry and Sean ends up needing to go to war with the cartel they met. After being captured Sean is interrogated and tortured before selling him off to the leader of the Phillippines.


Dontrell and his henchmen 

Sean then into RoboSean


Man wearing Ravens jersey #27



Mexican Cartel Members



Mexican Cartel Members

Dontrells henchmen


First mentions of William Kosbee & Dr. Boweldog


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