Into the Cesspool - Volume 2 (North to Alaska)

Into the Cesspool - Volume 2 (North to Alaska)

Ever wonder what the members of the Cesspool Podcast would be like in a fictional comic book-esque world? This is the audio story of just that. Into the Cesspool is an over the top story featuring the characterization of anyone that has been on the Cesspool Podcast or donated to us. HOPE you enjoy!


After his stint in the Phillippines Sean was sold to a lady up in Alaska. After being dropped off hes attacked by a bear but saved by a group of trackers. He heals up in a remote cabin. A group of men and the lady who bought him named Sarah find Sean. She forces him to be her sex slave and also to start killing off the population of Alaska. During one of Seans killing sprees he is approached by Dontrell who reveals to Seans hes been tracking him. He starts to operate on Sean. He tells him he needs to upgrade him so he can be a better ally to fight against a robot he made that turned on him. Sarah and her men find them and interrupt the operation before its finished. The unfinished update to Sean leaves him a wannabe rapper in a trance. They manage to escape from Sarah, and as they hide under a bridge Dontrell fears they may have walked into more trouble. 




Sarah and her Mercenaries


Alaskan Hunters


Alaskan hunters


First mention of Phillippino Manny

Heavily implied that the hunter Sean sees is Dontrell in disguise 

The voice of an unknown robot appears at the end 




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