Into the Cesspool - Volume 3 (Robloke)

Into the Cesspool Volume 3 - (Robloke)

Ever wonder what the members of the Cesspool Podcast would be like in a fictional comic book-esque world? This is the audio story of just that. Into the Cesspool is an over the top story featuring the characterization of anyone that has been on the Cesspool Podcast or donated to us. HOPE you enjoy!


Dontrell and Sean are captured and flown to England. They are put in a cell and only allowed to eat bangers and mash and watch soccer. The British robot flies Sarah from Alaska to England. He informs Sean and Dontrell that Sarah is pregnant. The Brit finds out the baby is Seans after its born. He kills Sarah and tells Sean to take care of the baby whiles hes in the cell. He stops coming downstairs to feed them instead he has his personal assistant Jeeves do it instead. Dontrell starts to lose his mind and blurts out he'll do anything to get out. The next day after hearing about this the British robot returns and tells Dontrell hell have to help him wipe out the United States




The British Robot


Baby Elton



That dumb Alaskan whore Sarah


lots and lots of bad British stereotypes in this episode 

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